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Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday With Us

If you want your child’s special day to be filled with fun, active playtime, our facility is the perfect option for you. Our facility is equipped with top of the line competitive gymnastics equipment as well as trampolines, a rocking climbing wall, a 24-foot climbing rope, and a foam fit that kids and adults both can enjoy.

When you reserve your party time, you are required to make a $50 deposit on the day of booking. This deposit goes toward the total cost of the party. The remainder is due on the day of the event, at the conclusion of the party.

We book birthday parties on Saturdays and Sundays. Saturday parties start as early as 12:00 PM, Sunday parties can begin as early as 10:00 AM.

If you would like to book additional time for your party, you may book a double party.  To do this you will book the first party and then book another party for the timeslot immediately following. For example: you book the 12–1:30 time slot you would book the 1–2:30 time slot as well. You will be having a 2.5 hour party where you have two options of how to use your time. You may do 2 hours down on the floor and then do you final half hour upstairs or you can go up early if you’d like to have more time for cake and presents. YOU MAY NOT DO YOUR UPSTAIRS TIME IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR PARTY. ONCE YOU GO UPSTAIRS YOU MAY NOT GO BACK DOWN.

To schedule a party, please click the Class Schedules button on this page. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you!

Party Staff

Kim Linhardt


Kim Linhardt

Spencer Hill

Birthday Party Rates

Party Length Standard Cost Deposit Price per Additional Child
1.5 Hours (1 Hour on the Floor, 30 Minutes Upstairs) $108 for 10 Kids $50 $5.50