Girls gymnastics



LEVEL 1 - This class is the beginner level of girl’s elementary age gymnastics. Girls will learn basic tumbling and dance skills on the floor as well as basic skills on the girls’ equipment and trampolines. Some flexibility and conditioning is introduced at this level.

CLASS IS 55 MINUTES - $54 month (teachers name)

MONDAY- 5:00pm(Sarah), 5:30pm(Renee) 7:30pm(Rachel)

TUESDAY-  5:30pm (Danielle) 6:30pm(Danielle)

WEDNESDAY-5:15pm(Sarah), 6:30pm(Kelly), 7:30pm(Kelly)

THURSDAY-5:30 pm(Caitlyn), 6:30 pm(Sarah),7:30pm(Sarah)

SATURDAY- 10:30am(Abbie)


LEVEL 2 - Must have prior approval by an instructor. More advanced skills are learned on all the girls’ equipment and trampolines. This level is more intense and requires more discipline. Conditioning and flexibility is emphasized at this level.

CLASS IS 85 MINUTES LONG - $76/month

MONDAY- 5:00pm(Rachel), 6:00pm (Sarah) ,6:30pm (Renee)

TUESDAY-5:00pm(Sarah), 6:30pm (Sarah)

THURSDAY- 5:30pm(Danielle), 7:00pm (Danielle)

 SATURDAY- 10:00am (Sarah)


COMPETITIVE TEAMLevel 2 and Recreational Optional compete in the Heart of Missouri Gymnastics League. Gymnast Level 3 and above compete in USA Gymnastics.

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